Divorced Parents and your Wedding

Weddings are almost as much about the parents of the marrying couple as they are about the couple themselves. When you are getting married and your parents are divorced difficulties can arise. Sometimes strong tensions exist between divorced parents and the bride and groom need do some damage control and keep both parents happy on the day. Neither one of your parents wants to feel excluded from your wedding plans, so avoid playing favourites.

A good way to do this is to include both of your parents in different aspects of planning- delegate between the truckload of tasks involved in organising a wedding. Basically, just consider what aspects of the wedding would be more appealing to your mother, and which aspects would be more in your father’s area of expertise.

In a perfect world, the guest list would be divided up into quarters: you and your fiancé would choose one half of the guests, and your parents and fiancé’s parents would pick out the other two quarters of the guests. When a divorce is thrown into the mix difficulties are rife,

Famous Weddings


They’re the bold and the beautiful. So naturally we look to them for inspiration on for our big day! Here are Perth Bride’s favourites.

Timeless wedding dresses

Diana Spencer became “The People’s Princess” when she married Prince Charles in 1980, and this dress could well be how she did it. Twenty years on polls show that more women today want to wear a dress like Diana’s then any other kind. The dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel and featured a 25 foot train and 10,000 hand sewn pearls and sequins.

Hollywood girl Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 and a gorgeous full silk and lace dress. She sparked a fashion in wedding dresses which survives today. PIC

The dress the achingly stylish Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore when she wed American President John F Kennedy in 1953 has the distinction of being the most photographed wedding dress in history.  It was designed by Ann Lowe and can still be viewed today in a Boston museum.

Another Hollywood leading lady, Elizabeth Taylor, wore this $1,500 satin wedding gown- given to her as a gift by MGM studios- at her first of

Surprise Weddings


Surprise! We’re getting married … today.


Surprise and wedding are not two words normally strung together. For most people, a wedding means months upon months of planning the decor, deliberating over seating arrangements and agonising over finding the perfect dress. But some savvy brides-to-be are kicking tradition to the curb and throwing a whirlwind surprise wedding using the cover of an engagement or birthday party to lure their guests to location.

28-year-old Amy was married in February this year to Paul in her parents Mosman Park back garden. She says she has always loved the idea of a surprise wedding so when Paul proposed to her on Christmas Day, she immediately began to figure out whether they could pull one off.

“We feel that the true romance and meaning of weddings can sometimes become lost,” she says.

“So for us, it was a way of maintaining that meaning and making it about two people sharing a special day with their nearest and dearest.”

Of course, some people have to be aware of what is going to happen to avoid problems or disappointment. Most obviously, both the bride and groom need to be aware of the wedding and legally

Why the Capri Shops in Greater Kailash So Popular?

Capri pants are one of the trends that always manage to surface back. This is one probable style that no one definitely gets bored of. The Capri pants made by the stores in Greater Kailash definitely adds the lovable uniqueness to these pants. Capris are the most casual thing to wear without going out of fashion for sure. With the passing time there has been a lot of experiment with these pants which makes them lovable for every generation. The most important thing about these Capri pants is that they are the best of the both worlds. One can select them for romantic dates, or for casual movies and even for the party evening.

The best pair to Capri pants:

The Capri pants are obviously as already mentioned, never out of fashion but the pairing keeps on changing from time to time. Obviously it can very well suit and go with almost each and every kind of top. Yet the best kinds to be paired for are what we are looking for in here. One can very easily choose a tank top to wear with it. These tops are probably the best pair to

Make your wedding unique with a cheap wedding dress

It is not always the most expensive wedding dress that is the best. Prices which the dress is sold can be determined by lots of things. Depending on the outlet from where one buys the wedding gown; it can be purchased at cheap prices if one decides to buy from outlets like the internet.

To have cheap wedding dresses one has to search for it diligently. The problem people have sometimes is not having patience to search for the important item they need from the internet. There are several bridal portals in the internet including wholesale bridal portals that deal on all kinds of dresses for a wedding. One can always search for the designPsychology Articles, size as well as the style of the dress he or she can use on the wedding day. The advantage of buying from wholesale dealers is that the prices they offer the wedding dress is cheaper than what one can buy them from any other place. They are able to sell at cheap prices because they are the representatives of the manufacturers. They buy in bulk from many of the producers. Because of that they can afford to bring down the

Wedding dresses are the best dressing for wedding

As exotic, wedding consumption in China has experienced rent, buy custom process. 90’s of last century, many brides believe with the intention of wearing a wedding dresses only, less demanding on the wedding, usually by way of loan in the direction of choose their own dress. Early 20th century, in the midst of the change in people’s consumption concept, new people began in the direction of buy wedding way in the direction of commemorate his life is just one of the ceremony. Until now, the selection method still mainstream position. Beijing Weeklong photographic equipment located in the city of cheap wedding dress shop, the selection of wedding steady stream of young couples. An ordinary white wholesale wedding dresses a few hundred dollars, but also change the size of the bargain in addition to free.  However, the way custom wedding the bride is becoming one of the ways are most popular. More young people eager in the direction of creative in addition to interesting life experiences, the pursuit of personal, emotional expression naturalized proprietary system. The industry believes with the intention of the future development of personalized wedding. Wedding dresses in addition to echoed the feelings of people, in the direction

The Various Wedding Services Available To You

Weddings are a complex affair. At one moment, you can be in total control, while the next could be a total disaster. The wedding ceremony is not all there is to a wedding. For those who have married before, will know what this is all about. A wedding is considered to be a collection of different activities, organized to perform in a continuous motion, and each activity succeeds the other. Hence, you can imagine the mayhem that will be created if something is disturbed in the chain of actions.

To be aware of the entire planning process, you need to know about the different wedding services that you can utilize to make your wedding day perfect. Even if you are planning on hiring a professional wedding planner, you will still need to understand the basics of working with different wedding services, so that you can be prepared to take over in case something goes wrong.

Wedding Location & Wedding/Reception Planners

These wedding services are perhaps the most important in the chain of wedding planning process. As soon as you decide your wedding date, you need to pick up a wedding location, since; the rest of the wedding aspects depend on the availability

Should I marry him? If you’re having doubts, don’t ignore them, psychology study suggests

Doubt is not a pleasant mental state, but certainty is a ridiculous one. — Voltaire

In the first scientific study to test whether doubts about getting married are more likely to lead to an unhappy marriage and divorce, UCLA psychologists report that when women have doubts before their wedding, their misgivings are often a warning sign of trouble if they go ahead with the marriage.

The UCLA study demonstrates that pre-wedding uncertainty, especially among women, predicts higher divorce rates and less marital satisfaction years later.

“People think everybody has premarital doubts and you don’t have to worry about them,” said Justin Lavner, a UCLA doctoral candidate in psychology and lead author of the study. “We found they are common but not benign. Newlywed wives who had doubts about getting married before their wedding were two-and-a-half times more likely to divorce four years later than wives without these doubts. Among couples still married after four years, husbands and wives with doubts were significantly less satisfied with their marriage than those without doubts.

“You know yourself, your partner and your relationship better than anybody else does; if you’re feeling nervous about it, pay attention to that,” he added. “It’s worth exploring what you’re

How a wedding engagement changes Twitter feeds

A researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology has used Twitter as a lens to look into the lives of nearly 1,000 people who used the site to announce their wedding engagement. By comparing tweets before and after, the study was able to determine how people changed their online personas following the proposal. Some differences were split along gender lines. Others identified how people alter the words they use on Twitter after they are engaged.

The study followed 923 people who used “#engaged” to announce in 2011. The research team then looked at each person’s tweets in the nine-month period before the engagement and 12 months afterward (2 million total tweets). They were also compared to a random sampling of tweeters during the same time frame (12 million tweets).

After people got engaged, tweets with the word “I” or “me” dropped by 69 percent. They were replaced with “we” and “us.” There was barely any change within the control group.

“People began to paint themselves as a couple, rather than as individuals,” said Munmun de Choudhury, a Georgia Tech associate professor in the School of Interactive Computing who led the study. “They’re going through a major change in life, and

Ceremonies With Style

Ceremonies With Style

Ceremonies with Style are strongly committed to providing an outstanding service.

“The Ceremonies we create have at their heart your thoughts and beliefs, memories, hopes and dreams, personal and unique for each and every client.” says Jan Littlejohn, one of Sydney’s most popular full time Marriage Celebrants.  With 8 years of experience you can rest assure your wedding ceremony will be sincere and with style.

Jan’s achievement’s give recognition to the high quality of delivery, placing her in Australia’s top 1% of wedding service providers.

Jan takes a professional yet friendly approach in helping you put in place your own wedding ceremony, where the emphasis is to on making it personal.

“My commitment is to provide outstanding services and to create wonderful, personal ceremonies for my clients,”says Jan.

Jan attends to all legal requirements associated with getting married, to give you more time to think about the wedding ceremony itself. She has a range of readings and ceremonies that you can choose from or you can put together your own.


Jan’s testimonials say the most about her professionalism, compassion and dedication to making your wedding ceremony the best it can be.

Jan provided nothing short of an incredible service for


We’ve all seen them: vignettes and faux hand-tints; cross-processed images that overwhelm the senses with an unreal look; a heavy-handed use of flairs, starbursts and diffusion effects; cheesy frames. They cry for attention, hijacking the image in the photographic equivalent of a velvet Elvis wall hanging.

Where is the value, the poignancy, and the essence in these photos?

Today’s digital post-processing tools can be a force for good in the right hands, but can create visual mayhem when used without the proper judgment or in lieu of an essentially good image to start with.

Wedding photojournalism is all about the image and how it captures the moment and emotions. Any manipulation in post-production should be undertaken very carefully, beyond the temptation to incorporate trendy effects at the expense of the visual and documentary essence that make an image great in the first place.

“It is disconcerting to see mediocre wedding photography made to appear ‘fantastic’ as a result of drastic image manipulation,” says San Francisco-based wedding photographer Catherine Hall. “Ten years down the road when the novelty of the current special effects fade, the images will lose their impact and become passé.”


Wedding photojournalists have an obligation to help clients understand what


How can you let your guests get great shots at the wedding while helping your wedding photojournalist get his or hers as well? Fortunately, the two goals are not mutually exclusive. A few WPJA members weigh in with professional tips and techniques that your wedding guests can use to kick their personal photos up a few notches, while ensuring that their efforts will not detract from the “official” photos produced by the hired photographer.


Do you know how to turn off the flash on your personal camera, or change its settings to best suit the lighting at a given moment? What about your guests? Encourage them to get to know their cameras if you know they’ll want to play shutterbug at the wedding.

“I often turn my flash off; it kills most pictures,” says wedding photographer Porter Gifford, who is based in Massachusetts. “And just taking a minute or two to learn your camera can result in some great, unusual shots.”

For an outdoor wedding, however, flash is the way to go. In the light of day, your camera will turn its flash off. Become familiar with the settings and turn it on. This can help decrease shadows that are


Shooting wide vs. long runs to the heart of how you approach wedding photojournalism—in the storytelling, the composition, visceral message and emotion conveyed, and even in how your subjects relate to one another.

In fact, there’s no debate that the decisions you make on the length of your lenses significantly affect your results in documenting any one scene or event during the wedding festivities. There are advantages and disadvantages to shooting both wide and long, and it’s ultimately up to your mind’s eye, your vision as a wedding photojournalist, as to how you decide which lens is appropriate to any particular scene.

We’ve polled some of our top members on their wide vs. long shooting styles, as well as their techniques, preferences and recommendations for using focal length as a key tool for effectively documenting the story of the day.


Most wedding photojournalists routinely use a variety of lenses to shoot weddings, but for the most part, shorter, wide-angle focal lengths get the lion’s share of use—actually about 75 to 80 percent of the time. Most typically 17mm to 35mm in length, the shorter lenses capture more of the scene, allowing textures, atmosphere, reactions and other subjects of interest to play a


It’s the single most terrifying thing a parent can hear: “Mommy mommy! Heeeelp! …Daddy’s doing the Macarena!!”

That’s right, couch potatoes—it’s wedding time. Time to slip on those comfy dance shoes and slip off those itchy inhibitions. Jane Goodall might think she broke new ground in mammalian research, but she never crashed a wedding reception in the third quarter of an open bar. So a Tanzanian chimp can sign ‘I love you’? Big whoop. If you want to see the best that humanity has to offer, look no further than a Minwaxed parquet floor and a thumping remix of Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration.”


Ever since early man learned to beat a stick on a rock, some guy has embarrassed his family by dancing to it. The primordial urge to shake your booty can be traced back thousands of years, when cave dwellers learned to ward off strangers by loudly grunting and jumping around like maniacs. Luckily, not much has changed.

Few theorems apply universally across our species. One of them is this: If you can dance, you know it. If you can’t, you definitely don’t.

The after-vows hoedown is often a hotbed of rhythm-based research and enlightenment. Even though the behavioral microscope


Amid all the chaos of a wedding day, scenes of patterns can help restore a sense of calmness to the moment, creating order from disorder.

And patterns will abound at wedding ceremonies and receptions. For one, you’ll have a number of ushers decked out in the same tuxedo, coupled with bridesmaids wearing the same dress, without any pangs of jealousy. A unifying color or color scheme usually ties all the visual elements together. And there are also numerous props—from chairs and place cards, to champagne glasses and silverware—that all can provide broad canvasses of patterns.

Each pattern presents an attractive opportunity to capture an interesting photo, adding a contrasting dimension to many of the other photos of the event. It’s a breath of fresh air for the eyes too, since patterns appear so frequently in daily life, whether on a tile floor or in slats on a picket fence.

“In general, I think the brain likes to create order from disorder,” says wedding photographer Kelly McCord. “I like finding patterns and repetition that are occurring naturally. It’s not something I purposefully try to do. It’s just the way I seem to see things.”

That’s why many WPJA members keep an eye out for patterns


The first time you envisioned your wedding, you probably didn’t see a long list of details to attend to, decisions to be made or negotiations to be undertaken. Surely, your vision involved you and your partner. It was filled with tenderness, sweet melodies, pure bliss…and romance. After all, a wedding is romantic—the consummation of your everlasting love.

A skilled wedding photojournalist knows how to anticipate and capture situations that convey those special feelings. When the day is over, your memories will be enhanced through photographs of the two of you looking at one another or simply being together, thus narrating the story of your love. That is what it’s all about. We talked to three WPJA members to find out how they zero in on the romantic moments.


A glance, a quick kiss or a sigh shared between the betrothed amidst the whirlwind of activity and emotion on their wedding day are moments that tend to happen quickly. They’re intimate exchanges that represent the strong feelings the bride and groom have for one another. They can be gone in a flash (no pun intended). The guests may not notice them, but the perceptive wedding photojournalist does.

Your photographer’s portfolio should reflect


Couples hire wedding photojournalists for their narrative approach to photography, but they’re also expected to get the more formal shots; portraits of the wedding party, family and friends. Balancing those competing expectations— pleasing our clients while producing unique and timeless images— is an ongoing challenge and a somewhat tricky proposition that not only permeates the wedding day, but also spills over to your web site design and public portfolio.

How do you present your images in a way that pleases portrait-centric clients while staying true to your esthetics and attracting new business? Some of our award-winning members share their strategies.


What present and future clients expect from you, and how they react to your style, can be greatly influenced by some informative communication on your part.

If you can impress potential clients with your style before any initial contact, that’s a great start. This is why web sites are so important to a mutually successful wedding day assignment.

“From what you present on your web site via the portfolio and FAQ page to how you present yourself during the interview, it’s important to sell yourself and your style,” notes Iowa-based WPJA photographer Mark Kegans. “If you’re professional and, even better,

TO LAUGH AND TO HOLD Telling a Wedding Day Story Through Humor

Here’s a little test for all you soon-to-be-newlyweds:

It’s your wedding day. As your guests stream into the church for your ceremony, onlookers gasp as grandma suddenly catches her foot on a fold in the carpet and takes a header right in front of the altar. Do you…

A) Cry
B) Tell her that she obviously did something to upset God
C) Comment that her lipstick is now even MORE outside the lines
D) Roll her up in the carpet so the bridal party can get by

If you answered anything but “E”, this article is for you.


We all wake up on our wedding day with the exact same thought: “AHHHH…what could possibly go wrong today?” But, like Lindsay Lohan in a common sense factory, fate has a way of blowing us off course.

Every newly betrothed couple assumes that their event will go off without a hitch. But there’s one big mitigating factor in this lofty assumption. Namely, your day’s success is entirely dependent on other humans. And, unfortunately, that species is still a few sardines short of a bucket of chum.

So you have two choices. You can either freak out over minor mishaps


Do you ever catch yourself dreaming about the perfect shot? Of course, the elements never fall into place as perfectly in real life as we would like them to but it never hurts to dream.

Some WPJA members pre-visualize a few of the shots they’d like to get when documenting a wedding, whether it is days or seconds before the actual pictures are snapped. This exercise can be as simple as knowing they’d like to try and catch the couple as they pass under an archway at a familiar venue, or as detailed as trying to line up the elements so they come together just so.< in covering a wedding, since WPJA members can keep an idea of a particular photo in the back of their head and pounce if the situation appears.


While much of wedding photojournalism requires reacting to the scene presented before you, thinking about certain shots or techniques you may want to use can help you prepare for certain pictures you would like to capture if they arise. It’s similar to how a quarterback studies a playbook in the week leading to a game,


Destination weddings offer stunning scenery and exotic atmosphere, providing the conditions needed to enhance those fabulous memories. However, since these types of weddings are often at resort locations in foreign countries, they’re subject to the unusual and the unexpected, creating logistical and scheduling factors that can affect your entire agenda, including the photography. A few of our most traveled award-winners have weighed in with their own experiences and advice for ensuring a smooth and wonderful event.


It’s hard to imagine a more picture postcard-perfect wedding location than Haiti. Few islands in the Caribbean rival its beautiful beaches, mountains, rain forests, rich culture…or political upheaval. Even though the present government is stable, two centuries of bloodshed over politics and power should make you cautious about making wedding arrangements there.

No matter what idyllic wedding location you might choose anywhere in the world, popular attitude and local politics can shift. So when you plan your destination wedding, WPJA member David Murray of Kennebunkport, ME, suggests you scan the news to make sure the country you choose isn’t experiencing instability. The last thing you need on your wedding day is to be rescued from a political revolution.

“Having worked as a photojournalist in Haiti, I


What is photojournalism if not a multifaceted testament to truth? Although the truth may not always be pretty, the intrepid photojournalist holds his camera up to it. He captures what is real and human and honest. His work stands as a testimony to those moments that define us and define the world around us. He photographs the truth when it is difficult to look at and impossible to look away from; when it’s breathtakingly beautiful; and when it makes one feel connected to the world in a very personal way. The truth may take on different shades, but it never changes.

The same holds true for wedding photojournalists—they are inspired by the setting, the subjects, and the outpouring of different emotions throughout the day. The product of their inspiration is clearly seen in their wedding images. With the right lighting, clever compositions, and appropriate usage of computer programs available, wedding photojournalists’ artistic vision is more readily achieved.

Though based on the proliferation of wedding images that have been given a warm tone (or a brownish tint), it seems a handful of wedding photojournalists have become trigger-happy with tinting their work. Over the past ten years, images with a warm tone have become


A celebratory toast to the bride and groom is deeply ingrained in wedding tradition, but do you know how the venerable custom came about? In Bottom’s Up!, a 2005 book of cocktail lore, former maritime reporter Robert McKenna solves the mystery.

Drinking to a person’s health or happiness dates to Greek hosts who wanted to assure guests that the wine they drank was not poisoned. But the word “toast” comes from the Latin word “tostus,” meaning roasted or parched, and it came about during Roman times. Wine wasn’t very tasty then, so drinkers plunked a bit of burnt bread into their goblets to improve the flavor. The custom continued into the 1600s on European waterfronts, where seaman dropped a bit of toast in their glasses of ale or mulled wine. When the crouton grew soggy and sank to the bottom, inevitably one of the drinkers would call, “Toast!” and they’d race one another to see who could finish the drink first and eat the saturated bread.


These days, raising a glass to toast a bride and groom has a higher purpose: to wish the couple happiness and success. Toasts can be emotional or funny, sometimes embarrassing, but always heartfelt. They

Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

Weddings are absolutely brimming with wacky rituals and arcane customs. Today’s brides almost need to arm themselves with a three page list of do’s and don’ts involving countless pennies and bells and leap years to keep luck on their side!  Although the original substance is often lost, we still incorporate old world customs into our weddings, keeping to traditions. Here are the specific and vitally significant meanings which today’s wedding traditions still bear.

Bridal Attire

Wedding Dresses
are traditionally white. In older times virginity was held as the highest virtue in a bride and white was the symbol of purity and virginity. Brides would wear this colour to declare themselves as such.

The Bride’s Veil
was thought to disguise the bride from evil spirits. It was also considered bad luck for the bride to be seen by the groom before the ceremony. The bride therefore hid her face by the veil until the vows were exchanged and the groom could kiss the bride.

The Bride’s Handkerchief
used in early times to collect the bride’s wedding day tears. They were considered lucky and if kept, thought to bring rains for crops.  A crying bride on the wedding day traditionally foretold that she’d never shed another